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Fast Boat to Gili Island from Bali

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Mahi Mahi Dewata provides charter, private and speed boat service for transportation between Padang Bai Harbor or Serangan Harbor and Lombok.

Mahi Mahi Dewata also provides high quality, fast boat to Gili and Lombok, with complete safety facilities and great comfort. Each boat carries 70 passengers and 5 crew members.

The specs for the boat are, such as:
  • 80 km/hour (45 knots) of maximum speed.
  • 53-60 km/hour (30-35 knots) of cruising speed.
  • SOLAS life jacket for each passenger, throw rings, plus 3x25 meters of life rafts, inflated when the boat sinks or can be inflated manually.
  • 5x250 HP of Suzuki engine, plus radio beacon, VHF radio, distress flares and GPS system, including for emergency.
  • Sun deck roof and toilet

The boat is new and always checked regularly to ensure the best performance and safety quality. Mahi Mahi Dewata also provides insurance for passengers and other required necessities to ensure safe and more comfortable trip in fast boat to Gili and Lombok.