gili meno island
Gili Meno Island
How you can reach it with the Bali to Gili Meno ?

Gili Meno offers a different atmosphere than the hype of Gili Trawangan. You can find a serene and peaceful vibe in Gili Meno. It might be not the most popular destination among the three Gilis. You can relax and enjoy your time here, far from the crowd and bustling city life.

The three Gilis are located in the northwestern part of Lombok Island. Gili Meno is the middle island of this island cluster. also the smallest island of the three. Even though it is the smallest; its beauty is the best of the three. You can see and enjoy one of the most beautiful natural scenery on this island. The further distance you could take in Gili Meno is about 1.5 km (around 0.9 miles). You even only need a couple of hours to explore the entire island. it feels like your private island.

What to Do in Gili Meno ?

Explore the Island : You will find beautiful scenery everywhere, try to go to the north side of the island have beautiful beaches, you don’t have anything you can do to travel around the island.

Relax : don’t need to do anything in Gili Meno, time for relaxation on this island is the quiet and calm atmosphere, plus few people living in Gili Meno. Gili Meno will be a place where your body and mind prepare everything before blasting off to the next destination.

Snorkeling : as one of the best destinations for snorkeling. Many travel agencies put this island in their itinerary to provide the best snorkeling activity for their clients. Many people also travel from Bali to Gili Meno just for snorkeling on this island. Go to the snorkeling spot yourself, first of all, you need to prepare and bring proper snorkeling equipment.

North-east point : also known as the sea turtle point. As its name implies, you can snorkel here and see seat turtle in their natural habitat. It only takes around 5 minutes of snorkeling before you find this beautiful sea creature. This area is also the most popular destination for snorkeling activities.

West coast : also is a good spot for snorkeling. Have statues under the water, the unique snorkeling spot invite many fishes and sea creature to make a nest around it, you will have a big chance to see those beautiful fishes.

How to Get to Gili Meno ?

The first way is from Lombok Island. You can take a boat from the Senggigi. You might need to wait a bit until the speedboats fill up their capacity. then, they will take you directly to a small port at Gili Meno. The other way is traveling from bali to Gili Meno. You can take a speedboat from Padangbai Port to Gili Meno. And you would need to buy the ticket Fastboat to get there.